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April 3rd, 2014 by Jamie Estep

Multiple terminals coming to an end

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It looks like almost all current credit card terminals are going to be discontinued by their manufacturers at the end of April 2014.

While it’s not entirely clear if this is due to EMV or PCI changes to credit card terminals, or some other manufacturing or logistical issue, but all current Hypercom / Equinox and most Verifone terminals will be discontinued after April of 2014. By our information this includes Verifone VX510, VX510LE, and VX570 terminals, and includes all current Equinox terminals, the 4205, 4210, and 4220.

After April of 2014 the only of these terminals available will be existing stock or refurbished terminals.

Equinox has the Apollo line of terminals that is set to replace the Optimum 4210 and 4220 series which includes a traditional all in one terminal, and a dual merchant / customer facing setup. As of right now, Apollo terminals are not well supported at most processors so there may be a delay, possibly significant, before these terminals are available with most processors.

Verifone has the VX520 line which is already overpassing VX510 and VX570 terminals. The VX520 comes in several versions including EMV and even a contactless NFC version.

As of right now, we recommend the VX520 with EMV, as many merchants will want to be able to adopt the new EMV standards for processing when they are finally rolled out.

Dejavoo, Ingenico, FirstData also have terminals that appear to be unaffected by the changes.

Existing users of these discontinued terminals should have several years before they need to think about upgrading. As of now, this is strictly a supply issue and shouldn’t affect current operation.

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