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The Merchant Account Blog is an online resource to help you get information about merchant accounts, ecommerce, and credit card processing equipment.

This is my personal blog to give new and existing business owners an insight into different aspects of credit card processing. I have been around long enough to know this industry very well, and my goal is to provide objective information on topics relating to credit card processing from the side of the provider. While I may reference my business in topics, this blog is not designed for the purpose of advertising or promotion. In fact, you will not see any affiliate links or advertisements on this blog at all. Links on this site are chosen only for their usefulness, authority, and relevance.

I will try to answer pertinent questions that I get through my business or the blog, on the blog website, but not every question that I get will be answered on the blog.

Please feel free to ask a question, make suggestions or comment on posts that are on the website. If you are yourself a professional in the field of credit card processing, merchant accounts, ecommerce or a related industry, and you would like to make a guest post, please let me know. I do not allow advertising or paid posts on this blog, but credit is always given when it is due.

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I occasionally blog for Practical Ecommerce Magazine. Practical Ecommerce is an online only magazine that offers some excellent information for ecommerce businesses. I highly recommend taking a look.

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