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May 1st, 2006 by Jamie Estep

Scan Alert PCI / CISP

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About a day after I published the article about PCI and CISP compliance, Nigel Ravenhill, the Marketing Director for Scan Alert contacted me about the article.

A Little about Scan Alert:
Scan Alert is by far the leader in PCI / CISP scanning. They offer PCI / CISP scanning for just about every type of online business imaginable. Scan Alert serves 72 countries and offers packages for anything from non-profit, to mega websites. Scan alert customers also get to display a hacker-safe logo on their websites letting visitors know that their website is scanned daily and the transfer of information is secure.

Nigel also sent me last years Digital Window Shopping Report, which is a study involving shopping cart abandonment on ecommerce websites.

I have personally heard positives and negatives to using any Scan Alert like program, but their Digital Window Shopping Report has some great statistics about visitor behaviors and website usability.

Download the Digital Window Shopping Report

This is last years report. This years is scheduled to be released any day as I have been told.

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