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May 10th, 2006 by Jamie Estep

Paypal Mobile Payments

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Paypal is now offering a system that lets members send payments via their mobile telephone. The system operates securely, and transactions still carry Paypal’s limited protection. There are several companies that already accept paypal mobile payments, and there are also a number of charitable organizations ready to accept donations.

What a great idea right?

Actually, I cant really see any use for a mobile payment system like this, neither as a pier to pier or a consumer to business system. Obviously, businesses that operate in mobile environments make great use or mobile processing. But as for a consumer, breaking out a cell phone, calling paypal, entering the transaction information, waiting for their confirmation phone call, entering your pin number, and then hoping that everything goes through correctly just seems like excessively complicated for most people to want to do. Secondly people are never quick to adapt to a new idea, no matter how great it may seem. If the internet were a bit less convenient, then maybe this system could have a running chance, but In my opinion, this is a flop. Time will tell..

News Article: Paypal launches Paypal Mobile

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