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July 11th, 2006 by Jamie Estep

Review – MindValley’s 40 Ecommerce Tactics

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When I hear the word ebook, I normally cringe with the thought of thousands of worthless, poorly written, scams that don’t deserve the bandwidth that it takes to download them. I was asked to review an e-publication created by a company called MindValley. The publication called “40 Ecommerce Tactics” is essentially a guide to successfully operating, and marketing a website. MindValley authors are made up of professionals with different ecommerce related backgrounds, and include an Ebay senior executive, Microsoft web developer, and numerous other web professionals. 40 Ecommerce Tactics is written by professionals that have been directly involved in every aspect of running an online business. That direct involvement is apparent in each writer’s knowledge and expertise throughout the guide.

Ebusiness40 Ecommerce Tactics is a very thorough guide to operating and marketing an ecommerce website. The guide is organized in a way that the reader can skip to whichever chapter they are interested in, if they don’t want to read the entire guide start to finish. The guide itself is over three hundred pages long, but these three hundred pages are completely void of filler content. The guide is clearly written and edited, and the only thing that stopped me from reading it all the way through was my own lack of time.

Topics Covered:

  • Product creation
  • Setting up a website
  • Email marketing
  • Pay per click (PPC) advertising
  • Increasing customer conversion
  • Closing a sale on a website
  • Untapped marketing channels
  • and the Overall growing of a business

Each topic contains a series of sub-chapters which cover the detailed areas within each topic. Everything from usability, search engine optimization, alternative marketing strategies, writing copy that sells, web analytics programs and anything else that is necessary for a website to be successful is covered in detail in the guide. Specific examples and recommendations are also linked throughout the guide, which can help to give real uses of the ideas covered in the guide. The guide is complete enough, that I would be comfortable saying that it is the only resource someone would need to jump, successfully, into ecommerce.

Unlike many other guides out there, 40 Ecommerce Tactics actually guides the reader. One thing that I really like about it is that it tells the reader exactly what works, what doesn’t, what to do, and how to do it. This is especially important as many less-savvy website owners struggle with actually figuring out how to implement much of the advice that is out there.

This guide is very successful in its purpose of providing the reader with the foundations for a successful ecommerce website. In this age, just about any information needed can be found on the internet. What the guide does that sets it apart from any other resource like it, is that is puts everything needed together in a easy to read, and very accurate guide. The guide completely avoids filler content, and although long, doesn’t contain any unnecessary information. The reason that the guide is long, is that it is thorough, and there is simply that much important information. The only improvement that I can think of, would be the ability to download the entire guide as a single file. The information in this guide would take the average website owner years to find on their own.

The Most Benefit:
I highly recommend this guide to website owners and entrepreneurs that are just getting into ecommerce. This guide although not free, will easily save you the money it costs, in time you would otherwise spend over the years figuring all of this out on your own. It will unquestionably give a new website a huge jump-start.

What you get when you purchase the guide:

  • 40 Ecommerce Tactics Guide
  • Lifetime access to the guide, including future updates
  • 90 Day risk free, money back guarantee
  • A best ecommerce guide book, money back guarantee
  • A 1 hour consulting for your website with a MindValley professional

This is a great guide for anyone in the ecommerce field. I’m not being paid to write this. I have no affiliation with Mind Valley in any way. I highly recommend this guide as a jump-start to making a well planned, successful website. In truth, this guide probably could have saved me a solid year of research time, if I had it when I entered into ecommerce.

Download the 7 free tactics and see for yourself.

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