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August 9th, 2005 by Jamie Estep

Nurit 2085 – The Best Processing Terminal To Date

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I often am asked what is the credit card processing terminal that I most recommend for businesses. Nearly every time, I have to recommend the Nurit 2085.

Nurit 2085The Nurit 2085 is not a new terminal. It isn’t particularly small. The display isn’t fancy. The technology inside it isn’t anything close to new. What the Nurit 2085 is, is a very reliable, time-tested machine that is very easy to use, and extremely reliable. It comes with a fast thermal printer that accepts common sized paper that is readily available. As many as nine merchant accounts can be run through a single Nurit 2085. The Nurit 2085 is also cheap. Because it has been around for so long, the price is very reasonable, a new terminal costing under $200.

The Nurit 2085 was ahead of its time when it was first produced years ago, and Lipman continues to produce it today despite several more advanced Lipman terminal in production.

The Nurit 2085 can be used for almost any type of retail or MOTO business. It has sufficient memory to handle gift cards or electronic check acceptance programs. It is compatible with debit and smart cards. It has large buttons with an easy to use and read interface. It prints legible receipts. It is an easy terminal for a merchant service provider to program and it has great cross-processing platform compatibility. Its multiple merchant account capabilities are great for businesses with multiple account types or multiple person service businesses such as hair salons. I have very rarely seen a Nurit 2085 ever have any problems, even after years of use.

Omni and Hypercom terminals are also very popular, but after years of seeing customer’s experiences with all types of terminals, the Nurit 2085 has proven to me to be the best terminal available.

Where the Nurit 2085 falls short, is the ability to process over an IP or broadband connection. While, businesses in some areas may not even have access to broadband connections, many upscale and urban businesses need the extra speed and convenience that a broadband connection will provide.

Overall, there is no other terminal that can offer the reliability, usability, and price of the Nurit 2085.

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