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July 26th, 2007 by Jamie Estep

Merchant Account Blog’s 2nd Anniversary

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It’s been two years since I started writing this blog. It went through some very weak periods, especially in the beginning, but I’m happy to see it has come this far. I would like to thank all of the subscribers to this blog, and anyone else who occasionally stops by. I have received more than one email of praise and I’m glad that the information that I provide has been useful for a few people out there.

I will have to admit that the hardest part of blogging is maintaining any form of consistency which is blatantly obvious if you look at my topics or post dates.

If you have any suggestions for the future, or if there is any topic that you think should be addressed more / better please let me know. I have a few major ideas planned for the near future, but I’m always open to suggestions, and criticism.

Once again, thank you all for reading.

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