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October 19th, 2005 by Jamie Estep

Website Merchant Account Requirements

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To accept credit cards on your website you will need a merchant account. Before you ever go to apply for a merchant account for your website, make sure your site will meet the requirements to setup a merchant account.

Website Merchant Account Requirements for US Businesses

  • Active website with DBA of website listed on application.
  • Product delivery methods and time-frame clearly stated on website.
  • Product prices in US dollars.
  • Privacy policy listed on website.
  • Customer service telephone number listed.
  • Secure checkout system (Can be provided by a 3rd party, but must be completely secure).
  • Domain name registered to merchant (Private registrations are unacceptable).

Having these simple requirements met before you apply for a merchant account for your website can save you days of waiting for the merchant account to be approved. Internet businesses are carefully analyzed before being approved for credit card processing and anything not perfect in the eyes of an underwriter will almost certainly delay the approval of the merchant account.

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