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February 15th, 2006 by Jamie Estep

IP – Broadband Credit Card Processing

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Broadband Credit Card Processing

Broadband internet is now the standard for most businesses and homes. Naturally with the increased speed and usability, phone line technologies are migrating to broadband. Credit card processing, which is build around the conventional phone networks, is also making the move to broadband.

All popular terminal manufacturers are moving toward broadband technologies, and each manufacturer is making broadband capable terminals. Processing banks have been slow to pick up the new technology that operates completely differently from phone based equipment. The Verifone Omni 3740 and the Omni 3750 are the two terminals with the best support for broadband processing.

Each of these terminals is available in both phone and Ethernet capable models. There is also a dual communication module that allows the use of both standard phone lines and IP based broadband connections.

How does broadband processing work?
Unlike a phone line, a broadband or IP based connection is always on. A credit card terminal is connected securely to a processing server similar to the way a computer web browser connects to a website. This server connection allows the credit card terminal to communicate with the processing server in order to process transactions. The whole process is done very rapidly and eliminates the need to dial out on a phone line, because the terminal is always connected.

Why is broadband processing better?
The main benefit of a broadband processing terminal is the increased speed and security in processing. A broadband capable terminal will also free up an extra phone line, and since most businesses already have a broadband internet connection, minimal hardware is needed to connect the terminal to the internet.

The Drawbacks:
Currently, not all processing banks support IP based processing. There is a lot of extra equipment that is needed to support broadband processing, and the extra cost has made for a slow transition. It can also be difficult to initially configure. All broadband connections are different because of the hardware configurations used to setup a network, so there can be compatibility problems when setting up a terminal for broadband processing.

What is needed to process over a broadband connection:
The first thing needed would be a broadband capable terminal. Next, a broadband internet service, DSL, Cable, Satellite, or other broadband internet connection is needed for access to the internet. Lastly a free space on a router or directly through a broadband modem to connect the terminal to.

Once configured, IP based processing is faster, cheaper, and more convenient than processing through a standard phone line. If you have an existing Omni 3740 or 3750 you can buy a dual comm module and setup an IP processing service for it. The module will cost you about $100.

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