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October 31st, 2006 by Jamie Estep

PCI and Data Security Blogs

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From a recent visitor’s comment, I found several notable blogs relating to PCI and data security, and wanted to share them.

First off, the PCI and Data Security Compliance blog is a well written and frequently updated blog that covers a lot of PCI related information. Much of the information is very tech related and may be a little too technical for the average business / website owner, but there is still a lot of useful, understandable information, to be found on the blog.

Another blog the PCI DSS blog, run by James DeLuccia IV takes a thorough look at just about every aspect of data security. Topics range from business ROI in regards to data security, and changes in PCI compliance requirements, to information about the PCI security standards council. Again, some of the posts are very technical, but there is a lot of great information written from someone that really knows about data security.

I have also added a data security section to the sidebar of this blog, that I will be adding useful data security related resources to.

One Response to “PCI and Data Security Blogs”

  1. Datasecurity November 5, 2006 at 11:22 pm

    We are trying to keep our blog more focused at the person dealing with compliance. We assume you know the industry and don’t care to blog about pie-charts or conjecture about happenings in the industry.

    “Just the facts” is the motto we follow. We feel the information on our blog helps users better handle their compliance and understand the standard.

    Thanks to your feedback we are adding more audit/business related posts. One example of this is the PCI DSS Checklist