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June 12th, 2007 by Jamie Estep

Verifone must be sick of competing with themselves

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I just got word that Verifone is making an industry wide increase on prices on many of the popular terminals that they offer.

My guess is that Verifone is tired of competing with themselves and is only making this increase because there is no competition that can stand up against them. Since Verifone owns Lipman as well, they have a complete dominance over the entire processing equipment market. Raising their price is a smart move for them because almost all equipment being used is theirs. It also sucks for business owners and equipment resellers as many terminals are going to nearly double in price.

Terminals that are going to go up in price in the next few months:

  • Omni 3200SE
  • Omni 3740 Dual Comm
  • Omni 3750 Dual Comm
  • Omni 3730/3730LE
  • VX 570/VX 570LE
  • VX 610
  • Nurit 8320
  • Nurit 292 Pinpad
  • Verifone P250 Printer
  • Verifone P900 Printer

There are also a few other increases on a few rarely used pinpads, and printers.

This definitely appears to be one of those situations, antitrust regulation were made to protect against. Unfortunately nobody paid any attention to an obvious monopoly in the making when Verifone purchased Lipman last year.

One Response to “Verifone must be sick of competing with themselves”

  1. Rob October 29, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    There HAS to be someone else. Their service is so incredibly bad. If anyone has alternatives, please post – I’ll yank their system asap, and I’m sure many others would, too.