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June 29th, 2007 by Jamie Estep

Tested routers for the Omni 3750 and other Verifone ethernet terminals.

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This is the list of routers that Verifone has tested to work with the Omni 3740 and 3750 with IP processing capabilities. These two terminals should work with just about any hardware, but these have been tested to work by Verifone, and are some of the more common hardware that small businesses are likely to use.

Dial Routers: (You probably won’t ever need one of these!):
SMC Barricade 7004ABR and 7004AWBR
3COM 3C886 and 3C888

Ethernet Routers (Wired):
D-link DI-604
Netgear 614V2
Linksys BEFSR41 and BEFSRX41
SMC Barricade 7004ABR
Cisco 813, SOHO91, 2500, 2600

Ethernet Routers (Wireless):
D-link DI-624
Netgear 813V2 and 813V3
Linksys BEFW1154, WRT54G, WAP11 (Access Point)
SMC Barricade 7004AWBR
Microsoft MN-700
2Wire Home Portal 1700HW
Sonic Wall TZ170 and TZW

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One Response to “Tested routers for the Omni 3750 and other Verifone ethernet terminals.”

  1. Rick October 29, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    During our PCI scans, usually 10 to 15 locations will fail due to a Telnet 65427 error/violation. Is this port coming from my Verifone 3750, or from our AT&T DSL service. I have 68 locations. Telnet is disabled on my modem & router. Any suggestions?