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Should you buy a terminal, or use a free one?

Continue Reading 2 comments April 5th, 2007

How can you Store and Forward?

Continue Reading 2 comments March 28th, 2007

Simple terminals are still best for most, Great equipment can be under $200.

Continue Reading March 9th, 2007

A simple PC Charge based wireless processing solution

Continue Reading 6 comments February 27th, 2007

RFID Contactless Payments vs. Smart Cards

Continue Reading February 15th, 2007

First Data’s FD 100, Not as cheap as planned

Continue Reading 10 comments November 16th, 2006

How long does a credit card machine last?

Continue Reading 6 comments November 2nd, 2006

Do you really need a POS system to accept credit cards?

Continue Reading 1 comment October 25th, 2006

A credit card terminal from First Data (FD-100)

Continue Reading 22 comments September 14th, 2006

Technological Progression of Payment Processing – Not any time soon!!!

Continue Reading 3 comments September 13th, 2006

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