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Chargeback Reason Codes

Visa Chargeback Codes
30 Services not provided or Merchandise not received
41 Cancelled recurring transaction
53 Not as Described or Defective merchandise
57 Fraudulent multiple transactions
60 Requested copy illegible or Invalid
62 Counterfeit transaction
70 Account number on exception file
71 Declined authorization
72 No authorization obtained
73 Expired card
74 Late presentment
75 Cardholder does not recognize transaction
76 Incorrect transaction code
77 Non-matching account number
79 Requested transaction information not received
80 Incorrect transaction amount or account number
818 Fraudulent transaction (Card present)
82 Duplicate
83 Fraudulent transaction (Card not present)
85 Credit not processed
86 Paid by other means
90 Services not rendered (ATM or Visa travelmoney)
93 Risk identification service (RIS)
96 Transaction exceeds limited amount

MasterCard Chargeback Codes
4801 Requested transaction information not received
4802 Requested / Required information illegible or missing
4807 Warning bulletin file
4808 Requested / Required authorization not obtained
4812 Account number not on file
4831 Transaction amount differs
4834 Duplicate processing
4835 Card not valid or expired
4837 No cardholder authorization
4840 Fraudulent processing of transaction
4841 Canceled recurring transaction
4842 Late presentation
4846 Correct transaction currency code not provided
4847 Requested/Required Authorization Not Obtained and Fraudulent Transaction
4849 Questionable merchant activity
4850 Credit posted as a purchase
4853 Cardholder disputes - Services / merchandise defective or not as described
4854 Cardholder disputes - Not classified in other category (US cardholders only)
4855 Non receipt of merchandise
4857 Card activated telephone transactions
4859 Services not rendered
4860 Credit not processed
4862 Counterfeit Transaction - Magnetic stripe POS fraud
4863 Cardholder does not recognize - potential fraud (US Only)
4870 Chip Liability Shift
4871 Chip/PIN Liability Shift
4999 Domestic Chargeback Dispute (Europe Region Only)