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Businesses choose The Merchant Equipment Store so they can accept credit cards and electronic transactions because they receive excellent timely service, a fair price, and a relationship with an honest company. We offer some of the lowest prices on processing equipment and credit card merchant services anywhere, and if you chose to process with someone else, you can still purchase equipment from us without any obligation.

Fill out our application form and see why over 10,000 businesses across the United States chose Merchant Equipment Store for their credit card processing.

What you get with Merchant Equipment Store:
You get a low-cost, hassle-free merchant account designed to meet the needs of 'your' business. You get near wholesale pricing on processing equipment, you will have your own personal account representative and you will be fully up and processing in just a few days.

As our customer you can expect:

  • Fixed, competitive processing rates.
  • No application, programming, reprogramming, or setup fees.
  • A personal, no pressure, account representative, with 24/7 support.
  • Full disclosure of all fees and terms.
  • An objective analysis of your current processing rate, or any competitor's quote.
  • The lowest prices for purchasing processing equipment.
  • A quick approval and setup.

Credit Card Merchant Services:

If you're new to accepting credit cards, you can learn more about all of our credit card processing services.  If you already know what you're looking for, head straight for the option below that makes the most sense for your business:

Retail Swiped Merchant Accounts
Retail (Swiped) Merchant Accounts - Retail businesses, restaurants and anyone needing to swipe their customer's cards.
Keyed Entry Merchant Accounts
MOTO - Keyed Entry Merchant Accounts - Telephone order, mail order and non face-to-face credit card acceptance.
Ecommerce and Online Merchant Accounts
Ecommerce and Internet Merchant Accounts - Ecommerce websites and other online processing needs.
Mobile and Wireless Merchant Accounts
Mobile and Wireless Merchant Accounts - Cellular and mobile processing solutions.
Government and B2B Merchant Accounts
B2B and G2B Merchant Accounts -Level 2 and 3 processing for business to business markets, and government organizations.
Non-profit Merchant Accounts
Non-profit Merchant Accounts - Unique revenue sharing for non profit organizations.
International and Offshore Merchant Accounts
Offshore Merchant Accounts - Multi-currency, and offshore merchant accounts for hard to place and non-US businesses.

Additional Merchant Services:

Electronic Check Acceptance and Drafting
Electronic check acceptance - Online and telephone, conversion, guarantee, and verification.

Bank drafting - Online and retail bank account drafting solutions.
Gift card programs
Loyalty and Gift card programs - Co-branded gift card solutions that work with your processing equipment.
Payment gateway and virtual terminal
Online payment gateway and virtual terminal - A low cost way to integrate credit card processing into your website.

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Dejavoo Z9 Wireless (Ethernet, WiFi, LTE)
Dejavoo QD4 (Eth/WiFi Terminal)
Dejavoo QD2 4G (4G Terminal)

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Dejavoo Z11 Touch WiFi (Ethernet, EMV, NFC, WiFi)
Pax A80 (Wifi, Ethernet)