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Credit Card Machine Lease Calculator

Leasing processing equipment is always more expensive than purchasing. Enter the amount of your lease in the form below, and we'll calculate the total cost of your equipment.

Optionally, enter the terminal that you are planning on leasing, and we'll show you how much you can save by outright purchasing your equipment.

Unless the equipment being leased is high-end wireless, or other expensive equipment, it is not a smart financial strategy to lease processing equipment. What may seem like a reasonable amount to pay, can end up costing many times more than the value of the equipment being leased.

Ex: 12, 24, 36, 48, etc...

Hidden Costs:
Additionally, leases often come with high buyout options, that can be as much as the cost of the new terminal.

The bottom line is that if you absolutely have to lease processing equipment, make sure you are getting a low monthly payment for the lowest length of time possible. Also, make sure you understand exactly what the terms and conditions of the lease are and what the end of lease buyout options are.

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