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What equipment do I need to process credit cards?

There are many different methods that will enable a business to process credit cards. Depending on the business type, merchants can use a computer, the internet, a credit card machine, or a cellular / regular phone to process transactions.

Processing with a Credit Card Machine:
Credit card machines are ready made solutions for processing credit cards, and are the most trouble free way to process. Most terminals are all-in-one solutions that include a card reader, and printer and are designed only for the purpose of processing. Wireless terminals are also available that operate on cellular networks similar to cellular telephones.

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Processing with a computer:
Processing credit cards on a computer is an efficient and very versatile method of processing transactions. There are several processing programs that can be installed on most computer that will allow a business to swipe or key in transactions on their computer. To swipe transactions on a computer, an attached card reader is also required, but these are readily available and manufactured by several companies. Processing on a computer should be performed by persons who are technically sufficient on a computer. We recommend PC Charge Pro for businesses looking to process on their computer.

Processing on the internet:
The internet is the future of credit card processing, and there are a variety of companies that offer the ability to process transactions over the internet. Processing on the internet can be done manually through a system called a virtual terminal, or can be done automatically through a website, integrated with a payment gateway.

Processing on a Phone:
Using a merchant account called an ARU account, a business can key transactions into a cellular or land-line telephone. This system provides an automatic processing method, that is great for small mobile businesses, or businesses who want to avoid any startup cost.