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Online Credit Card Payment Gateways

The Merchant Store Payment Gateway is a full featured payment gateway enabling businesses to accept credit cards on their websites for only $10.00 per month. At significantly less cost than, or Paypal Payments Pro, you get more features. We welcome all merchant account holders to use our payment gateway. We support the following processing platforms covering nearly 100% of all US based businesses: Paymentech, FDMS Nashville and Omaha, Global East, Vital, Elavon, and Buypass.

Gateway comparison

  Setup Monthly Fee Transaction Fee Recurring Vault API $0 - $200 $10 - $20 $.05 - $.15 $10 per Month $20 per Month X
Linkpoint API $50 - $300 $10 - $25 $0 FREE Not available X
Merchant Store Gateway $10 $10 $.06 FREE $5 per month X
Paypal Payflow Pro $249.00 $59.95 $0.10 after 1000 $39.95 setup and $29.95 per month Unavailable X

Some popular payment gateways:
Network Merchants
Payment Clearing
Plug'n Pay
eProcessing Network
World Pay
PSI Gate

John Conde has a great article: Six Payment Gateways Reviewed on his merchant account services website, that we recommend for anyone new to payment gateway's.