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A Program That Allows Non Profit Organizations to Make Money Accepting Credit Cards

Austin, TX ( June 24, 2008 -- The Merchant Equipment Store of Austin, Texas is introducing a revenue sharing, credit card processing program for nonprofit organizations, called NP Share. NP Share will allow non profit businesses to accept credit cards for sales and donations, and provides the ability to turn credit card processing into a source of income rather than an expense.

Non Profit Merchant Accounts

Nonprofit organizations typically face a difficult situation when they need to accept credit cards. Unlike accepting checks or cash, a percentage of each transaction is taken from their revenue when accepting credit cards. This expense becomes especially frustrating when donations and fundraising payments are being reduced by fees. NP Share enables a non-profit organization to accept credit cards and will additionally benefit them in two ways. First, half of all net income received from credit card processing fees will be given back to the nonprofit organization. This will reduce some of the ongoing cost of accepting credit cards. Second, and wherein lies the real benefit, is for any other business that the nonprofit organization refers for credit card processing services, half of all net income from those referrals will also be shared back with the nonprofit organization. With just a few referrals, a nonprofit can turn their credit card processing from a financial burden into a valuable and ongoing source of income.

"We've designed this system to be as easy as possible to use and promote. The only work that a nonprofit needs to do is to hand out some fliers or just make the service known to their supporters. Non profit supporters often own businesses, and what better way to give, than through some of their monthly credit card processing cost which they're already paying, to a great organization that they already support. It's really a win-win situation for everyone involved, and there is very little extra work on anyone's part. Non profits can process credit cards with a low cost credit card terminal, or a free online system that can be used with a website or by manually keying in transactions. We're hoping that this program will help make expenses a little easier for many of the businesses that provide valuable services in our country, especially when our economy is in a slump. Nonprofit organizations have it as hard as ever right now, and this is our way of giving a little back." says James Warren, Director of the Merchant Equipment Store.

NP Share is available to nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations in the US. For information on Non Profit Credit Card Processing Program, visit the Merchant Equipment Store's Merchant Equipment Store Merchant Services, or contact them at 800 898 3436.