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Can I buy a equipment on Ebay?

Yes and No.

You can often find excellent deals on ebay for terminals or other processing equipment, but many times these terminals are defective or have other obligations attached to them.

Terminals on ebay often include merchant account requirements before the terminal will ever be shipped. These companies usually offer impossibly low rates and will raise these rates after you are committed to their services.

Many times defective or outdated terminals are sold at low prices on ebay to the unsuspecting buyer. The most common terminals that are sold to fool the buyer are Verifone Zon series and Nurit 3010 terminals. The verifone Zon terminals are outdated and are unusable on most processing platforms. The Nurit 3010 has a version that cannot be used on any processing platform, because of the outdated wireless network called the CDPD network. These terminals are usually sold with no return policy so once the purchase is made, the buyer is left with a useless terminal. We see merchants on a weekly basis that have been scammed by these ebay bargain terminals. There is nothing that we can do except offering a certified terminal with a full warranty.

Unless the terminal is from a reputable seller and includes at least the manufacturers warranty, don't buy the terminal. If you aren't willing to take the risk of loosing your money on a terminal that doesn't work, just stay away from ebay terminals.

The benefit of ordering a certified terminal from us, is that all terminals are either new or factory refurbished. Refurbished terminals are properly marked to ensure you know you are purchasing a refurbished terminal. All of the terminals we offer including refurbished terminals come with the manufacturers warranty and a 30 day no lemon guarantee. If you process through our company we will extend the warranty to the entire time you process through us, with free overnight replacement.