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Should I purchase or lease equipment?

If you can afford to pay up front for the equipment that you are looking to obtain, you should definitely do it. Purchasing will save you a considerable amount over leasing.

These are a sample of the difference in price between leasing and purchasing. These prices do not necessarily reflect our exact leasing rates, but will compare the low end industry standard lease price to our purchase price.

Lease vs. Purchase - Nurit 2085

Price to Lease Nurit 2085:

Price to Purchase Nurit 2085:

48 Month Lease
$19.95 / month

Flat Purchase
$140.00 / One Time

48 x $19.95 = $957.60


Total = $957.60 and a 48 month contract.

Total = $140.00 and no contract.

Total savings if terminal is purchased: $817.60

Lease vs. Purchase - Nurit 8000

Price to Lease Nurit 8000:

Price to Purchase Nurit 8000:

48 Month Lease
$34.95 / month

Flat Purchase
$650.00 / One Time

48 x $34.95 = $1677.60


Total = $1677.60 and a 48 month contract

Total = $650.00 and no contract

Total savings if terminal is purchased: $1027.60

These lease rates reflect the low end of what is available in the industry.

The bottom line is that even if a lease sounds like a good deal you will still spend much more than if you outright purchase the equipment. Most leases are non-cancelable, and may or may not include a buyout option at the end where you will be required to pay a percentage of the cost of the terminal. We have seen merchants using other companies with a buyout option of the total cost of the terminal that they are leasing.

Check out our lease cost calculator to compare the cost of leasing to purchasing for most popular terminals.