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Is wireless coverage available in my area?

Do you live in a rural area?

If you answered this question as yes, than there is most likely no coverage in your area. The wireless processing networks do not use the normal cell phone networks, and are subject to extreme blackout areas. Most cities have adequate coverage but rural areas do not.

The TDMA and GSM networks are not yet certified for wireless processing, but will be in the future. This will greatly open up wireless processing for the rest of the country. There are already several wireless terminals that can process on these networks as soon as the networks become available.

Wireless Processing Coverage Map

Wireless processing is now available on the GPRS Edge Network from Cingular. The terminal that we offer that works with the GPRS Edge network is the Nurit 8000 wireless terminal. Below is the GPRS Edge coverage map. Wireless processing coverage is the dark blue.

GPRS Wireless Processing Coverage Map