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Dejavoo QD5 (Dejavoo QD5) dejavoo-q5 488 244.98 InStock Brand New

Dejavoo QD5

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Note on PINpads! The PINpads we offer are not encrypted and can be used with any processor. However, your processor must encrypt them before they can be used. Please contact your current processor for the cost and to ensure compatibility.

The Dejavoo QD5 is a versatile and reliable customer facing PINpad that offers businesses a range of features to enhance their payment processing capabilities. It comes with a large color touchscreen display, EMV chip card reader, NFC contactless reader, and support for multiple payment types such as credit, debit, and gift cards. Its sleek design, intuitive interface, and fast transaction processing make it a great addition to any point-of-sale system. With the Dejavoo QD5, businesses can enhance their customer experience, and increase their revenue potential.