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Verifone PAYware Mobile Swiper (Verifone PAYware Mobile Swiper) vpayware 289 143.98 OutOfStock Brand New

Verifone PAYware Mobile Swiper (iPhone Card Swiper Attachment)

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Condition: Brand New
Part Number(s): vpayware

Get a free iPhone or Android card reader when you sign up for Merchant Store Mobile Credit Card Processing.

The PAYware Mobile credit card encryption sleeve / card swiper attaches to your 3G or 3GS iPhone and allows you to swipe your customers cards and process them through the Verifone PayWare Gateway. Swiping cards can save a considerable amount over keying them in, and the PAYware Mobile swiper provides end-to-end encryption, so you know your customer's card information is secure.

Use of the PAYware Mobile swiper requires a merchant account and access to the PAYware Mobile gateway. Please contact us if you need to setup a PAYware Mobile gateway account and merchant account. If you already have an account, you can use this swiper with your existing account.

Please note, this will not work with any other gateway than the PAYware Mobile gateway. This is because of the encryption standard that is proprietary to the PAYware Mobile sleeve and gateway.