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Verifone Tranz 380x2 (Verifone Tranz 380x2) t3802 8 349.98 OutOfStock Brand New

Verifone Tranz 380x2

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Availability: Out of Stock. Permanent or unknown future availability!
Condition: Brand New
Part Number(s): t3802

Item Notice:

The Verifone Tranz 380x2 has been discontinued, and is no longer available. The Verifone V200C is available as a replacement for $229.98.

Tranz 380x2 Processor, can later add printer and or PINpad. The Verifone Tranz 380x2 is a single transaction terminal that does the work of two. Independent memory segments allow two different applications (or merchant accounts) on a single terminal. The Verifone 380x2 is basically two Tranz 380's in one package. Simply hit the function key twice and you are now using a separate application or merchant account. Perfect for merchants who run two businesses out of one location and want to have separate deposit accounts. Also great for merchants who do both high volumes of mail order and retail transactions and want to set up separate merchant accounts to take advantage of lower rates.

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