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Verifone VX805 PINpad (Verifone VX805 PINpad) M280-703-AD-NAA 319 123.98 InStock Brand New

Verifone VX805 PINpad (SCCTLS, PINpad w/EMV, Contactless, PCI PED)

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Condition: Brand New
Part Number(s): M280-703-AD-NAA


The newer VX805 PINpad must have a XPI pre load to be compatible with a specific processor. This is a separate installation than a PIN injection which must also be done with a specific processor. Please make sure to select the correct XPI load from the dropdown menu. If your processor's XPI version is not listed, we do not offer that version. These PINpads still need to be encrypted before they are able to be used for accepting PIN debit cards.

The Verifone VX805 PINpad is a smart card and EMV capable PINpad from Verifone. It has a large, easy to read screen and is compatible with upcomming EMV requirements. The VX805 is compatible with later-model Verifone VX credit card terminals. Please check with your processor for compatibility before ordering.

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Product Specifications:

400 MHz ARM11 32-bit RISC processor

160 MB (128 MB of Flash, 32 MB of SDRAM)

128x64 white backlight display supports up to 8 lines x 21 characters

Magnetic Card Reader
Triple track (tracks 1, 2, 3), high coercivity, bi-directional

Primary Smart Card
ISO 7816, 1.8V, 3V, 5V; synchronous
and asynchronous cards; EMV Approved

SAM Card Reader
2 Security Access Modules (SAMs)
NFC/Contactless (Optional)
ISO1443 A&B, including MiFare
ISO18092 capable
EMVCo L1 certification
Support major NFC/Contactless schemes

3x4 numeric keypad, plus 8 soft function keys
and 4 screen-addressable keys

Peripheral Ports
Single, multi-port connector that supports RS-232, USB 2.0 device and Ethernet (contactless version only)

PCI PTS 3.0 approved; 3DES encryption, Master/Session and DUKPT key management;
VeriShield file authentication

Physical (Contactless)
Length: 158 mm; Width 83.1 mm; Depth: 31.4 mm;
Weight: 0.27 kg (0.6 lbs); Shipping: .45 kg (1.0 lbs)

Physical (Non-contactless)
Length: 150 mm; Width 86.5 mm; Depth: 27 mm;
Weight: 0.27 kg (0.6 lbs); Shipping: .85 kg (1.9 lbs)

0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F) operating temperature;
5% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing

5-12VDC, 2.5WMax