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Verifone 1000 Pinpad (Verifone 1000 Pinpad) 28 45.98 OutOfStock Factory Refurbished

Verifone 1000 Pinpad (Refurbished)

Verifone 1000 Pinpad
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Availability: Out of Stock. Permanent or unknown future availability!
Condition: Factory Refurbished
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Warranty: 1 Year

Please call us as (800) 532.4966 to check availability. We often have refurbished terminals in stock. However, due to the difficulty in keeping these in stock, please contact us for availability.

Verifone P1000 Pinpad, compatible with most PINpad accepting processing machines. FEATURES Provides maximum flexibility by supporting both Master/Session and DUKPT methods of key management Meets ISO and ANSI standards for PINE encryption, key management and Message Authentication Code (MAC) Maintains the security of the encryption key Fits in the palm of the hand for easy and confidential data entry Includes an easy-to-read, 8-character, liquid-crystal display that shows up to 16 characters through automatic scrolling Uses an easy-to-clean, sealed membrane keypad that is impervious to spills Takes up minimal counter space Available with optional wall- or counter-mounting hardware Compatible with many PIN pad applications for the Omni, TRANZand ZONII XPe systems Supports multiple languages Works with other manufacturers' equipment, including PC and ECR systems.